In coordination with the parish ARISE Team, we are pleased to offer a series of informal seminars in Adult Catholic Education (ACE) during the weeks of Ordinary Time between Christmas and Lent.

During the first Season of ARISE, several participants expressed a desire to learn more about the specific doctrines of the Church, to delve a little more deeply into Scripture, and to engage with some ‘grown-up’ questions of faith in a Religious Education setting. This ACE series is an attempt to answer those requests, to encourage study and growth more broadly, to nourish the community and energy from the first season of ARISE, and to build a bridge that might help carry us into season two.

From this website you can learn more about the program, the schedule of sessions and topics, and [for registered participants] continue the conversation in our forum.

For the latest information on the ACE Seminars at OLQM, register at

Now in the Forum: Priestly Celibacy, Infant Baptism, and Elijah's Return.